What kind of lawyer is jaggers

What is wemmick’s view of Jaggers?

When Wemmick says that Jaggers is as deep as Austrialia, pointing to the map, he implies that his employer is aloof and inscrutable. At the end of the chapter, after having shown Pip the other clerks, who appear as seedy and dishelved as the criminals themselves, Wemmick asks Pip if he has been to the house of Jaggers.

What is Pip’s impression of Mr Jaggers?

Pip is amazed at the power that Mr. Jaggers seems to possess over his clients whom he addresses as “blundering buffoons” while pushing others aside or threatening to not help them. However, much like his first meeting of Mr. Jaggers when he was a boy at Satis House, there is something rather sinister about Mr.

Why does Mr Jaggers wash his hands?

The hand-washing, gargling, finger-nail cleaning ritual is likely Jaggers’ way of separating himself from the criminal world of his office and from any emotional attachments in his life.

What is unusual about Jaggers housekeeper?

Jaggers’s housekeeper, is a minor character with a big secret: she is Magwitch’s wife and Estella’s mother. Molly had been accused of murder, but Jaggers was able to get her acquitted, and Molly became his housekeeper.

Who is Jaggers in Great Expectations?

Jaggers, fictional character in the novel Great Expectations (1860–61) by Charles Dickens. Mr. Jaggers is the honest and pragmatic lawyer who handles the affairs of the protagonist Pip as well as those of most of the characters in the book.

Who gives wemmick gifts and why?

Wemmick points out that his rings are gifts from former clients, also deceased, who gave them to Wemmick to remember them by. He considers them “portable property.” Pip is invited to join Wemmick at his Walworth home some time and is advised to take note of Jaggers’ housekeeper when Pip dines with the attorney.

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What does Herbert think of Estella?

Herbert says that Estella is cold and haughty not because she is naturally as such but because Miss Havisham molded her that way so she could hurt men in Miss Havisham’s place. At this point, both Pip and Herbert assume Miss Havisham is Pip’s mysterious benefactor.

Where did Mr wemmick take PIP?

Barnard Inn

Who takes credit for Pip’s rise in social status?

Uncle Pumblechook

What is Mr Jaggers first name?

John Wemmick is a fictional character in Charles Dickens’s novel Great Expectations. He is Mr Jaggers’s clerk and the protagonist Pip’s friend. Some scholars consider him to be the “most modern man in the book”.

How does PIP feel when he is with Estella?

When he sees Estella, he is stunned: she has become a ravishing young woman. Despite his newfound fortune, Pip feels horribly inadequate around her, as unworthy and clumsy as ever. Miss Havisham goads him on, snapping at him to continue to love Estella.

What sort of husband does Jaggers think the spider would be to Estella?

kind because: Jaggers nicknames him the Spider which obviously suggests a low regard of him. All know that Drummle is coarse and lives only in a more refined world because of his family’s class and ranking. Jaggers knows he will not be a good husband to Estella.

Who married Estella?


What is Molly accused of doing?

Walking home with Wemmick after the dinner, Pip questions his friend about Molly, and he learns that she was accused of killing a woman over her common-law husband and of murdering her little daughter to hurt him.

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