What happens to the lawyer at the end of the story?

What did the banker decide to do with the lawyer at the end?

The banker decides to end the BR by killing the lawyer. As he goes to see the lawyer he finds and reads a letter written by him. The banker doesn’t kill the lawyer because the lawyer leaves early and ends the bet.

Who wins the bet in the bet?

Answer and Explanation:

The banker wins the bet. The attorney escapes the night before he is to win the bet.

Why did the lawyer renounce the bet?

Why did the lawyer renounce the money and leave a few hours shy of winning the bet and receiving the two million dollars? He read and studied so much that he discovered that the bet was meaningless and the money has no true value. He was really hungry. He lost his mind and just had to get out.

Why does the banker have contempt for himself after reading the lawyer’s letter?

After reading the letter, the banker feels “contempt for himself,” presumably because he is guilty of just what the prisoner is writing about: believing in the lies mankind has lived by. … He locks up the letter so that he will have proof that the prisoner has lost the bet.

What will happen to the banker if the lawyer wins the bet?

The banker won, he keeps the $2,000,000, but hates himself for the bet. The lawyer doesn’t win any money, but has learned the value of life. … The banker: Loses money over time. The lawyer: Suffers during imprisonment.

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Why does the narrator call the lawyer an unhappy man?

Why do you believe the narrator calls the lawyer an “unhappy man?” He believes that the lawyer must be terribly poor and desperate in order to spend 15 years of his life in prison for only $2 million dollars, which is nothing to the rich banker. … Towards the end, the lawyer decides to not take the money.

What is the moral of the story of the bet?

The main moral of the “The Bet” concerns the shallowness of material wealth, as one who is internally rich is not wishing for anything. A secondary theme is about the death penalty; life imprisonment is portrayed as the better option to death, as the person has the time to develop character.

What is the bet between the lawyer and the banker?

They agreed to a bet: if the lawyer could spend fifteen years in total isolation, the banker would pay him two million rubles.

What is the irony in the bet?

Situational Irony- When the Lawyer forfeited the money the audience didn’t expect it. Verbal Irony-The Banker said “I’ll bet you two millions you wouldn’t stay in solitary confinement for five years” (1). I really don’t think the Banker thought the lawyer would do it but he did.

How does the lawyer’s 15 year imprisonment affect the banker the bet?

How does the lawyer’s 15-year imprisonment affect the banker? The banker wishes that he had required the lawyer to stay imprisoned for longer. The banker comes to realize that he was wrong about his stance on life imprisonment. The banker mourns the life and experiences that he has deprived the lawyer of.

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What is the main theme of the bet?

Anton Chekhov’s short story “The Bet” is fundamentally about the meaning of life, and this is the main theme of the story. Chekhov explores what that meaning might be, and in order to do so, he also explores other themes, such as crime and punishment, freedom and imprisonment, and loneliness and greed.

How does the banker feel about his bet 15 years later?

At the end of the fifteen years, the banker seems to feel very sorry for himself. He used to have lots of money and friends, enough that he could casually make a bet for an absolutely huge sum of money and not give a second thought to it.

Who is worse off at the end of the bet the banker or the lawyer?

Technically, the banker wins the bet because the lawyer deliberately loses it by leaving his confinement before the full fifteen years is up. Morally, the lawyer has won the bet because he could easily have remained imprisoned for a few more hours.

What does the banker think when he sees the lawyer sleeping at the table?

The banker thought that the lawyer was asleep, dreaming about the 2 million dollars, and he only has to throw him on the bed, suffocate him a little with the pillow, and the most conscientious expert would find no sign of a violent death, but he should first read the letter on the table.

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