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Best Interests Of the Child

Best Interests of the child Augusta

Defining the best interests of the child is not straightforward. For married couples in Georgia who have children together, making the decision to part ways can be a difficult task. Parents may wish to protect their kids throughout divorce, but child custody can be a challenging topic. However, by seeking guidance on aspects to address concerning the best…

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How to get Child Support determined in your case.

Augusta Child Support Determined

After child custody is determined in a divorce, legitimation, or child custody modification is determined, the next step for the court is often to assess child support. How is child support determined? Child support in Georgia is calculated using an income shares model, which was adopted by Georgia in 2007. Prior to January 1, 2007, Georgia calculated child support based on the…

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What is a Guardian Ad Litem?

Augusta child custody

In Georgia, the court hearing a child custody case (including divorces) has the power to appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the child’s interests and express those interests to the court. This article answers a couple of common questions about guardians ad litem in Georgia. For more information about Georgia divorce law, see our…

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Changes to the Georgia Adoption Process from Our Augusta Adoption Lawyer

Augusta Adoption Lawyer

n September of 2018  a major overhaul of Georgia’s adoption laws went into effect lifting some of the obstacles facing couples who want to adopt a child. Our Augusta Adoption Lawyer explains: The adoption law will ensure that Georgia residents can stay in-state and not travel elsewhere to adopt. The new law will make it…

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Top 4 Behaviors Indicating Divorce Is Coming Soon from Your Augusta Divorce Lawyer

Augusta Divorce Lawyer

All relationships have their own unique dynamics and there are plenty of different reasons married couples choose to separate or divorce. However, research by psychologist Robert Levenson of University of California, Berkeley and John Gottman of the Gottman Institute, recently revealed that most divorces can be predicted based on the existence of four tell-tale behaviors….

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Tips For The Holidays While In The Middle Of A Divorce

Augusta Divorce Lawyer

Tips For The Holidays While In The Middle Of A Divorce Plan Ahead the Schedule.  If you and you’re your soon to be former spouse haven’t figured out what days the kids will be with each of you for the holidays, do it now!  Waiting until the last minute to set up the holiday and…

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How Do You Handle Thanksgiving After a Divorce?

Thanksgiving Child Custody

How Do You Handle Thanksgiving After a Divorce? Like most parents considering a divorce, one of the biggest concerns is likely how you as parents of young children will deal with the holiday season. Who will have custody of the children for Thanksgiving? If so, how can you make sure the day will be enjoyable…

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